WSOP #41: Frank Gary Wins Tournament

Frank Gary Poker PlayerExciting overview of the 41st tournament of WSOP. How Frank Gary was able to overcome all difficulties and get the first place. Strong competitors, smart strategies, luck – all that in WSOP #41.

The Frank’s game in the final round can be characterized by means of one word – patience.
There were 731 participants in the $1500 WSOP tournament, which took place according to the rules of mixed hold’em. Prize fund constituted $996,450 and was drawn between 72 players.

On the third day there left nine players at the table, who struggled for the main prize, amounted to $219,217, and the WSOP bracelet.

At the beginning Nick Binger seemed to have weak resistance in his way. But Frank Gary didn’t agree with that and waited for a right moment. After Binger took the third place and was out of the tournament, Gary strained every nerve to win Jonathan Tamayo. He managed to do it.

The list below shows you the situation before the final:

Chris Rentes: 215,000
Michael Chu: 165,000
Alex Jalali: 70,000
Nick Binger: 300,000
David Machowsky: 160,000
Jonathan Tamayo: 270,000
Mats Gavatin: 200,000
Frank Gary: 300,000
David Sorger: 150,000
We provide you with some extracts of the correspondents’ commentaries, who beamed a live broadcast of the final “duel” on

Binger dislodges David Sorger. Sorger takes the ninth place ($19,956).
David Sorger has a short stack, he decides to make all-in on the preflop. Nick Binger raise to 100,000. Other players fold, Binger and Sorger.

Play one-to-one now. Sorger shows A? J? against Binger’s A? K?. There were 5? 5? 4? 3? 9? on the board, and Binger wins and becomes the chip-leader, his stack amounts to 982,500. Sorger is out of the game now, taking the ninth place.