WSOP #41: Michael Chu Couldn’t Stop Binger

Michael Chu bronze medalist of wsop #41Michael Chu wasn’t able to persist Binger on WSOP #41. Michael lose but got good result – the 8th place and rather significant amount of cash.

Binger is unstoppable, Michael Chu takes the eighth place ($27,439):

Nick Binger raises to 17,000, Michael Chu, from the position of the big blind decides to call. Flop brings 10? 4? 2?, Chu makes a check, Binger stakes 32,000. Having thought, Chu decides to all-in 145,000. Binger calls and opens 10? 5? (top pair). Chu has 8? 8?, now he is behind. Turns brings Q?, river A?, so Binger dislodges Chu on the eighth place.

Mats Gavatin, the Binger’s friend, takes the seventh place in the tournament and leaves it with $34,923:

Nick Binger stakes 30,000 during the flop Q? 7? 7?, Mats Gavatin raises to 95,000. Binger, thinking it over for a moment, makes all-in. Gavatin calls. Binger has 7? 6?, he tries to gather three cards of the same value, but Gavatin has a little problem. He has A? 5?, which is the biggest flush draw. He receives 4? on the turn and Q? on the river, these cards do not help him, and Gavatin takes the seventh place. Binger continues to terrorize the other players.

Now Binger dislodges Machowsky. The sixth place and $44,903:

David Machowsky makes all-in. Who do you think raise his stake? Of course it is indefatigable Nick Binger. Binger shows A? A?, but Machowsky is unlucky, as he has 3? 3?. Flop brings A? K? K? and finishes Machowsky. There is nothing serious on turn and river. Machowsky returns home, taking the sixth place.

Binger moves Jalali to the fifth place ($56,875):

Jalali has only 104,000, which he all-ins. Nick Binger calls. Jalali has A? Q?, which is supposed to be a good chance for winning, as Binger has J? J?. But there are 7? 7? 6? K? 2? on the board, which means that Jalali is defeated. He takes the fifth place.

The Binger’s 7-2 dislodges Chris Rentes on the fourth place (69,348):

Chris Rentes has managed to double the stack one minute ago, but the second one fated not to happen. Who has prevented it? Binger, that’s who. Binger calls the Rentes’s 50,000 all in and receives 7? 2?. Rentes has 6? 5?. And there are K? J? 4? 10 Q? on the board. The Binger’s seven upsets Rentes. He is the fourth.