WSOP #41: Gary Wins Tamayo, Binger is the 3rd

Michael Chu bronze medalist of wsop #41Poker epic – Nick Binger was unstoppable, but couldn’t win Tamayo and Gary. The 3rd place of WSOP #41 belongs to Nick Binger. Great result!

The Binger’s downfall, he is only the third:

After a series of drawings the Nick Binger’s stack has decreased. It has happened because of some big losses. In the final for Binger deal, he raise to 80,000. Jonathan Tamayo reraise the stake to 120,000. Binger makes a reraise to 160,000, Tamayo also reraise it to 200,000. Binger calls.

The bank contains 400,000 during the preflop. And after 10? 7? 2? have appeared during the flop, Binger stakes all his left chips. Tamayo calls and shows Q? Q? (overpair). Binger has 3? 3?, and there are only two possible winning variants. Turn and river bring him 10? J?, after which dangerous Binger finishes his playing in the tournament, taking the third place.

On a river Gary wins Tamayo’s straight, the most valuable gathered during a flop:

Frank Gary has had some big deals during the limit hold’em, and received certain advantage over Jonathan Tamayo in the amount of chips. The deal, which we are going to describe, is supposed to be the biggest one.

Tamayo overplays any straight when the board contains Q? J? 10? 10?, and Gary calls the stake. But when there appears 9? on the river, Gary decides to reraise. Tamayo calls, he has А-К, which supplement the most valuable straight, gathered during a flop. But Gary raises, as he has 9-9, and he gathers full house after the river.

Frank Gary wins the 41st tournament ($219,217):

Jonathan Tamayo decides to all-in with his short stack, amounted to175,000, on the preflop, Frank Gary thinks. Finally he calls and sees that his A? 3? is more valuable than Tamayo’s Q? 7?. There are A? 6? 4? 8? 2? on the board, and after three day playing Frank Gary proves to be the winner of the 41st tournament ($1,500 mixed hold’em).

After the bad luck Tamayo has to be satisfied with his second place and prize, amounted to $140,093.

Binger used his big stack for the aggressive playing, which brought his opponents some inconveniences. He gathered some good hands, which allowed him to dislodge six players from the tournament. But when there remained only three players at the table, Binger was dislodged by brave Jonathan Tamayo and patient Frank Gary, who first of all minimized the Binger’s stack and then finished him. So binger took only the third place.

After a difficult part of playing “one-to-one”, very patient Gary finally managed to excel Tamayo in some big deals and won the tournament. He gains the primary prize, in the amount of $219,217 and the bracelet WSOP.

Gary comes from Fort Myers. He is 42 years old, and he used to be a programmer. He sold his business and retired early. Now Gary travels and plays poker. This WSOP is his second one. For all the success he thanks God.

Having overplayed 729 participants, Tamayo was confused a little, he finished the tournament on the honorable second place and received for his efforts $140,093.