David “Chip” Reese | Tournament Poker Career

David David “Chip” Reese is known as a man who stakes big amounts of money. He has gained not so much money, participating in tournaments, and has won only two World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelets, but in spite of these facts, he is proved to be a quite respected poker player. First of his two bracelets he won in 1978, taking part in Seven-Card Stud Hi/Lo Event with a deposit of $1,000; the second one he got in 1982, playing in Seven-Card Stud Event with a deposit of $5,000. When he was 40, in 1991, he was elected to the Poker Hall of Fame, he has been considered the only man who managed to enter the Poker Hall of Fame at so early age.

Chip Reese is a very skilled poker player, some people even consider him to be the best one. For instance, Doyle “Dolly” Brunson, a legendary player, talking about Reese, has said that he had played with many people but Reese is indisputably the strongest seven-card stud player. And it is no wonder, as stud was the first Reese’s game, which he used as a ground for his poker career to become one of the best players all over the world.

His motherland is Dayton, Ohio, where he was born and grown up. Being a boy he liked playing poker for baseball cards, which were used instead of money. He also perfectly played gin rummy and backgammon. Studying in Dartmouth College, which he finished with a degree in economy, he went on improving his poker skills. There is a card room at his house, which was called in his honor, “David E. Reese Memorial Card Room”.

Reese went to law school at Stanford, California, in 1974. He had only $400 when he stopped in Las Vegas. But as of the end of his first weekend he had managed to win about $60,000, both participating in a Seven-Card Stud tournament and winning some individual games. Next year he told his parents that he was not in law school, but spent all his time playing poker and so earning his living in Las Vegas, where he has lived since that day.

In 1982, after David “Chip” Reese won his second WSOP bracelet, he stopped playing poker for a short period of time.

David Chip Reese with us dollars

He understood that it’s easier and he could gain more money plying cash games. He constantly visited Horseshoe Casino, there he was able to earn millions per only one season. But Reese’s children wanted his father to be famous and wanted to see him on a TV channel. Having decided to satisfy their request, he reached the final table playing in the 2004 Jack Binion World Poker Open tournament in Tunica, Mississippi. That year he also appeared on television at the World Poker Tour (WPT).

Chip Reese compared poker with law in such a way:

“Law doesn’t have the same monetary incentive as poker.”

He wrote some his own chapters about seven-card stud in Doyle Brunson’s book, “Super/System”. He has been living in Las Vegas, and adores playing “big” poker like many other great professional poker players, among whom: Doyle Brunson, Lyle Berman, Bobby Baldwin, and Johnny “Orient Express” Chan and so on.