Barry Greenstein | Top Poker Player

Barry Greenstein Pro Poker Player Interesting poker player that donates money from his tournaments. Because of that he is invited to many famous tournaments. Barry is circumstantial father with lots of children.

Barry Greenstein is a calm, skinny, unassuming man. He donates all his prized from tournament money to charity, for which he has received his nickname “Robin Hood of Poker”. Most of his money he donates to Children Incorporated. This organization helps about 15,000 children in 21 countries sponsoring them. These acts demonstrate his kindness, especially if you take into account the amount of his winnings, which at present exceeds $3.9 million.

Such a charitable character has made him participate in rather many tournaments. Only in 2003, he played in more than 40 events.

There were many achievements in his career, for example: he has managed to win Larry Flynt’s $1 million one-table stud event at Hustler Casino, he won $100,815 in No-Limit Hold’em at Commerce Casino’s California State Poker Championship with a deposit amounted to $500.

He always tends to learn more, he taught Mimi Tran, who proved to be his girl friend for a long time, how to play poker, in return she taught him the Vietnamese language. They both joke arguing in public who of them is the best teacher.

Barry Greenstein was born on the 30th of December, 1954 in Chicago. His father served in army and was known as a good poker player, so “Robin Hood” learnt the rules of poker being quite young, many times he spent hours playing poker with his mother. When Barry was 13, he could make from $30 to $50 per night playing poker, at 20, he became a professional player. Boy was very clever and talented, knowing the main computer principles, he wrote his own software, when he wasn’t even 15.

Greenstein never disregarded his education.

When he graduated from Bogan High School, he entered the University of Illinois where he got his degree in computer science and doctorate in mathematics.

Later Greenstein was divorced, and his lawyer advised him to find a good job to help his children. So he found a job in a corporation, Symantec, where he worked till the retirement. Then he was able to play poker full-time again. Winning money by means of a job, which wasn’t restricted by amount of wages, he helped his wife and daughter financially.

Everybody knows that Greenstein adores his six children and step children as well as children in general. Now he is trying to write a poker book that, by his words, should be dedicated to the professional gambler’s children, who may miss their parents while they spend hours trying to earn money. Barry Greenstein is now living in Ranchos Palos Verdes, California.